About Me

photo by lily daim 

I’m an award-winning-and-losing writer, editor, art director, and I think I was even technically a scholar once (but that sounds far too hilarious to ever be taken seriously). I’m currently working as a professional copywriter and editorial specialist for GoDaddy, along with editing these magazines, and managing the blog you’re parked on right now (thanks for coming, by the way). If you’d like to see all the places and people I’ve written words for, and maybe even read those words, go on over here.

I come from the same place that gave the world Charles Darwin and Muller Yoghurts (do with that what you will) and I almost burst into tears with joy every time I see a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. 

And outside of work?

Haha. I don’t really have an outside of ‘work’ because I’m quite seriously addicted to working. My blog doesn’t really feel like work until it comes to photography (difficult stuff) and my 9-5 doesn’t feel like work because I covered my desk in toys so I’d feel like a child again. So, I genuinely see my employment as a hobby.

When I do stop working, I go to spoons a lot and look at pictures of dogs and imagining owning every single one of them. I live in a house full of art students (I am a former art student myself). I read during my commutes and I binge-watch an impressive amount of Netflix series’.

Fast Facts:

Favourite films: Rocky Horror, Gremlins, Chamber of Secrets 
Favourite food: hummus or Mexican food – don’t you dare try to make me choose 
Favourite song: Silver Springs 
Favorite thing I’ve created: this 
Favourite blog post I’ve written: this one 
Has written words for: me, friends, family, my own publications, The Huffington Post, GoDaddy, GoThinkBig, Hello Giggles, Heat, Kerrang!, the University for the Creative Arts, the University of Surrey, and lots of independent clients! 
Would love to write for: Teen Vogue, Cosmo, The Guardian, The Pool and I have a dire need to publish a book when I have the time. 
Bands/Artists: Fleetwood Mac, Prince, RHCP, QOTSA, Metallica (special mentions to Meatloaf & Metric)
Tattoos: seven, they’re all here. 
Toys on my desk (I know you wanted to know): a fox teddy, a monkey with big googly eyes, and pop funkos of Voldemort and Dumbledore. 

What happens here?

My blog is curated and divided into categories for your ease (you’re welcome), sporting sex and relationships, lifestyle, advice (mainly on employment and general life difficulties) and I’m daring to even add in a slice of fashion, which is very new for me.

A lot of my work is me complaining, but writing it well enough for me to call it art.

Favourite things to complain about: men, unpaid internships, Tory policies, the patriarchy.

I like to try and keep things interesting so content over on this side of the internet can be anything from advice on what to wear to your job interview, assistance in self-publishing your own magazine, recommending Netflix shows, or producing 5 thousand-word pieces on what’s wrong with the world today. This blog was birthed in about 2014, though I’d been blogging since 2011. Good Christ, that’s SEVEN YEARS. I can’t believe you’re still listening to me.

I started off by blogging and copywriting for other people, and now… I still do that, but I also do it for me too – yay!