Books you should buy instead of weight loss products this month

Fuck your New Year’s detox, and fuck anyone who made you feel like you needed to have one. Instead of focusing on the January weight loss goals that we’re pushed to believe are necessary, here are some lovely feminist books you should give a gander. I promise you’ll have a better time.

Animal by Sara Pascoe

I shit you not, this was the best book I read in 2018. Seriously. A few days before my boyfriend pressed this book into my hands in the Guildford Waterstones, I was fuming because I’d broke my phone. The commutes to work were silent and painful. Three days into no-phone-life, I started this book and forgot I’d ever owned the thing. I was actually kind of pissed off when the book ended because I wanted to carry on reading it, so I just started it from the beginning.

This is exactly the kind of book I wish I’d read when I was a bit younger, but I still needed it now. I think any person of any age or identity can read this book and learn something. It’s a book of sex, and birth, and puberty, and everything those with vaginas experience, and it’s so informative – referenced and all. Imagine a comedian writing an academic paper on the history of everything female, and that’s what this book is. Between the academia-comedy hybrid, Pascoe tells us her own stories relating to the explored subjects. It’s refreshing, funny, horrifying in small doses, and overall, eye opening. It’s important that everyone reads ‘animal’. I’m assigning it for your homework. Off you pop.

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(Extra little note: this book also fits in with the whole ‘fuck the detox’ theme as Sara fills about four chapters about why diet culture is the largest spoonful of bullshit we’ve ever been fed)

Happy Fat (Taking Up Space in a World that Wants to Shrink You) by Sofie Hagen

This one is a pre-order, and I’m really excited for it to release. Sofie Hagen is an incredible comedian, who I was first introduced to via the Live from the BBC Netflix series. She performed an uplifting and hilarious set that somehow compiled Westlife fanfiction, sex positivity and authentic accounts of her mental health struggles all in one. Oh, and a story about how she pissed on a man. She’s basically the friend you love hanging out with at the pub, and co-host of Secret Dinosaur Cult (which is one of my favourite podcasts). Sofie announced she was writing this book after she took it upon herself to battle the fat-shaming Cancer adverts (you probably remember them!) littering bus stops, and ‘Happy Fat’ is my most anticipated book release. While you wait for the book to grace our shelves, follow her on Instagram for daily laughs and fat positive photos.

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Can I Speak to Someone in Charge? By Emily Clarkson

Emily is a wonderful friend and a force of positive energy on most people’s Instagram feeds. If you’re not already following her on every platform then I’m not sure what you’ve been doing, but she posts a vast amount of feminism, IBS awareness posts, and very real, authentic life accounts myself and the rest of her followers really appreciate. Her blog is overpouring with advice that speaks to you on your level (as in, it cuts that elitist bullshit seen from so many bloggers) as if she’s chatting to you over a pint. Emily’s writing is what I’d describe as ‘accessible, guilt-free feminism’. She educates you and opens your eyes to important subjects without anger, or making you feel bad about not already knowing. And she writes in a way that’s friendly, and relatable. Her book ‘Can I Speak to Someone in Charge’ only encapsulates that energy she puts out on her platforms.

The Book    Her Blog  

What a Time to Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue

Chidera Eggerue, also known as The Slumflower, is bloody incredible. A fantastic writer, efficient retweet curator of great feminist threads, and her Instagram account is an empowering one to follow. What a Time to Be Alone is Chidera’s guide to why you’re already enough by yourself. It’s the book you need to read if you’ve been trying to find happiness in other people. I think most women need to read a book like this at some point in their life. The book is also beautifully designed – will definitely look fab on your coffee table.

Give it a read.  

So, those are my feminist book recommendations for 2019. Replace the time you were considering spending on a new diet, on reading these fab works of art. Fuck the detox. Read a nice book.


This post includes affiliate links. That means if you purchase something through one of these links, I can earn a bit of pocket money. It doesn’t come at any extra charge to you. Everybody wins!

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