Editorial Policy

‘Beth Ashley’ is a self-titled personal blog without a specific niche. Topics covered on this website can be anything from the latest beauty and fashion photography, interviews with interesting people, to tips and advice on blogging or employment, to opinion journalism. Much of the subject matters that are more consistent, and content is regularly created for are; sex, literature, writing, feminism, and Beth Ashley’s personal life or opinions. All content is written to be as informative, engaging and enjoyable as possible. Beth Ashley, the writer, director and founder of this blog strives to produce reliable, original and honest content.

Beth Ashley is open to collaborate with other creators, and often works with other writers, photographers and editors. If you would like to work together on a project, feel free to send some information to hello@bethashley.co.uk. If you do not receive a prompt reply, please follow up after one week.

Interviews are often a feature of the Beth Ashley blog, and they will be specifically titled as such. Interviews of course include the dialogue, involvement and opinions of third parties. As a journalist with integrity, Beth Ashley is always honest about the nature and wording of interviews and does not alter the answers provided by interviewees. Thus, Beth Ashley cannot take responsibility for dialogue or quotations created or provided by interviewees. She is however responsible for the writing included in the interview feature, and for questions, narrative, and dialogue provided by herself. Beth Ashley aims to always include trigger warnings where necessary, and analyses guests beforehand to make sure they’re appropriate, relevant to the Beth Ashley blog and are unlikely to provide content of an offensive nature. The definition of offensive nature is, however, subjective and individual, and sometimes content uploaded to the Beth Ashley blog may trigger or offend. Beth Ashley is open to feedback, should this occur, and always aims to tailor future content to entertain and inform readers while maintaining that the blog is a safe space for users. If you would like to contact Beth Ashley about any issues regarding interviews or any content on the blog, please email hello@bethashley.co.uk.

PR samples are sometimes provided by brands and agencies, such as clothing, books, electronics, etc.  However, this does not guarantee positive coverage and items would only ever be featured on the Beth Ashley blog if she personally would purchase them.

All images and writing, unless otherwise stated, are produced by Beth Ashley and are the legal, intellectual property of Beth Ashley. Please contact prior to re-use – you can reach Beth via email at hello@bethashley.co.uk to arrange this.

Beth Ashley occasionally uses affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not affect your price and you are under no obligation to use such links. If these links are used, the user will always be made aware of it explicitly.

Sometimes Beth Ashley works with brands to create bespoke collaborative for them, known as ‘advertorial work’ or ‘sponsored content’. Any such content will be clearly and explicitly identified as a collaborative project with a brand, through the inclusion of a ‘sponsored content disclaimer in the footer of the relevant article.