About Beth

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Hey! I’m Beth, a journalist, editor and speaker living in Hampshire who never stops talking about sex. But not in a hot way… in a very nerdy, scientific but definitely-not-boring way. I have a huge love for art, a passion for intersectional feminism, and an obsession with Fleetwood Mac I insist isn’t unhealthy.

This site is a space for all things sex and relationships, LGBTQ+ topics, and, let’s not sugar-coat it, it’s also a digital display cabinet for all my pieces and projects. I have fingers in a lot of pies (gross) and this little website is a place to hone in those pastries and let you take a bite (what am I saying???). From art direction to opinion pieces, you’ll find everything I had a hand in creating, on this website.  

I began my career as a teenager, blogging about any thought I had (don’t recommend) and making tea for important people in many editorial internships. Now 8 years later, I’m a copywriting specialist at a leading tech company where I manage internal comms and create compelling client copy. I’m also a freelance journalist with bylines in Refinery29, Restless Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Metro, The Nopebook, Ash Magazine, and more.

Currently, I’m a sex and relationships columnist for Restless Magazine, where I produce a series titled ‘It’s My Pleasure’, exploring how I and other women experience intimacy. It discovers the nuances of solo sex, of personal sexual liberation journeys, and most importantly, aims to change society’s outdated views on female pleasure. The most recent piece is right here.

Want to work together?

Writing opportunities:

I’m most interested in journalism and editing, and I’ve written for many publications for Refinery29, The Metro, The Huffington Post, Restless Magazine, The Nopebook and more. I’ve also assisted with the development of many independent publications and I’m happy to be involved with new projects such as these. Discussing new writing opportunities is my favourite thing to do, so if you have a project you’d like to run by me, let’s grab a coffee or jump on a call.

Social Media:

Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to collaborate with me on either my blog or social media accounts. If you are a brand or represent a brand that you think would fit with the nature of my platform, I would love to hear from you! I can create sponsored blog posts, social media posts, and giveaways.

Please email me for queries and to request my rates, and I’ll get back to you asap.

Speaking Engagements:

After overcoming adversities such as difficulties with mental health, body image, and an abusive relationship, I became a speaker for many reputable organisations. I’m able to reflect on my experiences insightfully and have studies the subject matters to diversify my knowledge – which has presented me with many speaking opportunities:

  • Speaker at The University for the Creative Arts Student Union on strengthening your relationship with your own body, 2020
  • Speaker at The University for the Creative Arts Student Union on the importance of challenging media messages about female bodies, 2020
  • Panellist at Google and Refuge’s collaboration launch, discussing tech abuse, 2017
  • Panellist at Avon and Refuge’s Define the Line event at Somerset House, 2017

If you have a speaking opportunity you’d like to talk to me about, drop me a line!

TV Appearances:

As a strong advocate of the body positivity movement and the different intersections that weave within it, I am available for commentary on topics including body confidence and mental health. I have been featured on shows such as the Channel 5 News, Reuters, the Victoria Derbyshire Show and more. If you have an upcoming opportunity, I’d love to chat about it.


I am a curve model and have worked for brands such as Love Your Look London, Curvy Kate, and for various photographers. If you would like to work together, get in touch to chat about the project in mind.