About Beth

beth ashley writer - intersectional feminism and sex & relationships

My name’s Beth, and I’m an editor, journalist and copywriter based in Hampshire. I’m an avid believer in 90s fashion, the revitalising power of dancing in my underwear, and I adore interesting memoirs written by women and non-binary people – especially if they’re about sex, friendship, or both.  

Currently, I’m a sex & relationships columnist for Restless Magazine and a copywriter for a large tech company. I spend my 9-5 producing online tools and copywriting for small business owners to use, then spend my evenings, lunch times and weekends writing content for me (and for you!).

I created the bi-weekly ‘It’s My Pleasure’ series for Restless Magazine to explore the nuances of female pleasure. I believe that sharing honest stories about all the intricacies of sex helps people to understand their bodies and sex lives better, and more importantly, judge themselves less. I write for an array of publications and provide quotations and contributions for topics close to my heart. Aside from sex and relationships, I also enjoy writing about art, culture, entertainment, and mental health. Some of my words are living at The Huffington Post, The NopeBook, The Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Big Fling, Restless Magazine and Boshemia.

Formerly, I’ve been editor of art and literature magazine Paperfox Literary Magazine, which I founded while at University. After two years of running this as a student magazine, I was awarded funding from O2’s Go Think Big to progress the publication further. Paperfox ran successfully for 4 years, then I decided to step away to focus on other aspects of my writing career. The magazine is now archived and can be viewed on Medium here. I’ve also previously worked as an assistant editor and exhibition reviewer for Avenir Magazine where I wrote about art and culture and interviewed a variety of interesting artists and prominent voices in culture. I’ve also worked as a publicity assistant for Penguin Random House, and an editorial director for JeTuNous Magazine.

You can read my stream-of-consciousness tweets at @bethmayashley, watch me try to be a little more curated and pretty on Instagram, or shoot me an email at beth.ash_97@hotmail.co.uk.