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I finally set up a Journo Portfolio! After years of trying to manage using my blog as, well, a blog, and a portfolio, I planned to create two separate websites. One to be my blog (right here) and the other to act as my portfolio. My reasons for wanting this separation are pretty simple. There are some writing projects, jobs or opportunities I apply for where I don’t want my blog to be read. For instance, I don’t necessarily want employers seeing my posts about sex when I apply for a corporate copywriting job.

I was trying to find a way for me to afford yet another website when I discovered Journo Portfolio. Seriously, if you’re a writer or journalist, build your portfolio on this platform right now. For £3 a month (or for free if you’re either a student or you limit your portfolio to display just 10 articles), you can pretty much build a website. Minimalist themes with little wriggle room, but plenty of articles, pages, sections, blocks and optimisation options for colour and font. The themes being difficult to edit doesn’t even matter. With a writing portfolio, the more minimal the better.

So, here is my Journo Portfolio! I’ll be updating this regularly with anything I write off-blog, and using it to send off to editors on my many pitch quests. Yay!

So, what have I been up to?

The Nopebook

I wrote this article for the team over at the Nopebook, about the wonderful show that is Crazy Ex-girlfriend and how its recent episodes have been exploring (and dismantling) the shame stigma that surrounds anti-depressants. I’m super proud of this article – mental health is something I’m passionate about but often don’t have enough nerve to write about. I’m working on changing that.

I also wrote another article for The Nopebook, also about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and its incredible mental health representation. This particular piece is about how one of its episodes explored the dangers of using love as a cure. This article illustrates a topic I’ve been unfortunately all too familiar with in the past, and I was happy to see a popular show depicting its dangers.

The Metro

A fun thing, I was featured in this International Women’s Day piece in The Metro, about women who are empowered by their tattoos. Amongst other fantastic ladies, I talked a lot about what my tattoos have done for me and my sense of self, some of the sexist behaviour I’ve encountered due to my ink, and why that won’t stop me from adding more and more pieces until I’m a walking skin gallery. (I don’t think I actually worded it that bluntly.

JeTuNous Mag

This is kind of old news as this magazine came out a while ago now, but I realised I hadn’t properly mentioned it on the blog, so I’ll do that now. Last July, myself and my photographer friend and former flatmate released a magazine dedicated to style, feminism and important voices. I wrote a handful of features and articles for the magazine (along with acting as the magazine’s senior editor and director) and they’re some of my proudest work. Head to my Journo Portfolio to read details of these.

Beth Ashley
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